Defender – Italy 2023

Stage 1 - Waterloo

Start Waterloo: 855 km on the clock
Arrival in Milan: 1749 km on the clock

We’re off for a month-long road trip in Italy, and the boot is big enough for our suitcases…

We set off while it’s raining cats and dogs, the raised driving position offering comfort and safety. The handling is perfect on the winding Swiss motorways.

Stage 2 - Milan

We arrive in Milan without having to refuel on the road…

A single fill-up at the start, without even being on reserve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, but seriously, doesn’t a Defender consume anything?! 

Well, we come across an old Defender in Milan… Classy, the logo in the hotel car park…

Stages 3 and 4 - Around Lake Como

Heading North, in a quieter setting, a short shoot around Lago di Mezzola. The turquoise water contrasts quite well with the EIGER GREY tone 🙂.

The electronics reassure us about the dimensions, even in the narrow tunnels.

Stage 5 - Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands

Excursion to the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore

Stage 6 - Monza

We try to get into the Monza circuit to take some photos, but they won’t let us in 🙂

Stage 7 - Maserati

Visit to the Maserati factory that produces the MC20. Very nice engine but we have to admit that the boot is a bit small for our suitcases…

[The salesman heard our comment and showed us the Levante suv with its “large boot”… we smile when we get into our Defender again 🙂].

Stage 8 - Giusti

Modena is well known for its “black gold”, balsamic vinegar. We visit the Giuseppe Giusti vinegar factory, which produced its first balsamic vinegar in 1605…

Stage 9 - Pavarotti

We visit Pavarotti’s house, now a museum.

Stage 10 - Quiz

We visit the Lamborghini Museum  proudly presenting an ancestor of the SUV…

Stage 11 - Tuscany

Look at those landscapes around Montalcino.

[A short break until next weekend… we’re on the outskirts of Naples in a screened garage 🙂].

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